This is my dream project in my life !

I am a man from the desert , and I was lucky to get my education but thousands of children in the desert don’t have this chance.

I would like to build a project to help them studying…It doesn’t matter where and how , but in a nomadic tent one may get education.

Let’s try to help to feel happy throughout the smiles of others

“Education has the power to make the world a better place. Children who go to school are able to secure a good quality of life for themselves and their families, hence positively impact their communities. I started climbing up from the bottom, and education is the rope I held. It helped me climb out of poverty and attain my goals. All you have to do is believe in your dreams, unleash the power within and work hard. Hard work always pays off. Just be yourself and never let anyone convince you that your dreams are unattainable.”