Early life

Born in 1985 in Erfoud – an oasis town in the Sahara Desert, in the Draa-Tafilalet region in eastern Morocco; the journey of Aziz Benami started in the middle of the Saharan golden sand dunes as a 10 years old camel man in the desert. He is a self-made man who found himself compelled to work at a very young age to take care of his family. He developed a great zest for travel and a fervent passion for exploring the world. Walking through narrow paths and rocky mountains was his only escape from life’s daily frustrations. It rejoiced his heart and provided him with the required strength and determination to pursue his dreams and never lose sight of his aspirations. As a young boy, he used to lie on the golden sand in the evenings, contemplate the stars that never ceased to amaze him, close his eyes for a moment and imagine himself being successful.

As a young boy growing in the desert of Erfoud, Aziz Benami loved meeting people from diverse backgrounds. He took lengthy bike trips and long-distance cycling tours seeking knowledge and wisdom.


Educational Background

The eagerness of Aziz Benami to learn never faded. He graduated from the Higher International Institute of Tourism of Tangier. Aziz Benami holds two Master’s degrees: Economics and Legal Management of Tourism Organizations (University of Abdelmalek Essaadi – Tangier) and Tour Guides (The Higher International Institute of Tourism in Tangier). He is currently pursuing a PHD in Territorial Marketing at the UAE. He has a great thirst for knowledge, and this longing to broaden his horizons often takes him to various fields that are not necessarily related to tourism.

“Education gave me wings to fly over the sand dunes of the barren desert, get to the city, the land of opportunities, and take my fate into my own hands.”

Aziz Benami in ISITT

Aziz Benami in Tangier’s International Higher Institute of Tourism (ISITT) in 2004. This was a pivotal point in Aziz’s life as it represented his launching pad for success.

Current Position:

Aziz Benami is the Managing and Development Director of VIP AFRICA – Luxury Travel & Events with a dedicated team of professional travel consultants and advocates to sustainable development offering personalized holidays in Morocco. He is also the founding president of the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta, the sole nonprofit association entirely dedicated to the revival of Ibn Battuta’s memory and valuable legacy through auspiciously cultural projects.