About the Association

Our Mission


The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta’s mission is to honor the illustrious character of Ibn Battuta and present his valuable legacy as being a part of the Moroccan immaterial heritage. The association aspires to make a tangible change by extending the peace it creates within the foundation into the world. The association contributes towards building a more peaceful world with more widespread prosperity. It also aims at developing cultural tourism in the city of Tangier and turning into a must-visit tourist destination through organizing a multitude of cultural activities promoting the character of Ibn Battuta and fostering peaceful coexistence. Cultural exchange enhances international cooperation and mutual understanding amongst communities, thus promoting a culture of peace and tolerance.

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta stresses the fact that travel has proven instrumental in spreading a culture of peace and tolerance that certainly leads to acceptance of diversity and enhancement of mutual respect. Ibn Battuta, who demonstrated that travel is an effective vector of peace, traveled for 29 years and never criticized or judged a local culture. He traveled to learn about people and from people. His journey highlights the pertinence of traveling, how it can broaden our horizons and teach us to respect the other. Travel is also a facilitator of social development as it plays a key role in the protection of human rights and the elimination of violence.

On a more general level, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta also serves as an “ambassador of culture” by offering a meeting ground to people from distinct cultures and backgrounds to address the emerging contemporary issues within the framework of a constructive cross-cultural dialogue.

Our Vision


The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is a nonprofit international association entirely dedicated to the promotion of the legendary character of Ibn Battuta. Our vision is our destination; it describes our view of the future we wish to create, a bright future where peace and tolerance reign, and where all communities coexist harmoniously. We also strive to shed light on the Moroccan Kingdom’s fascinating culture and history which provide a feast of the senses.

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta works on establishing relations with international associations and foundations sharing the same interest to expand the impact of its adopted strategies. We also have honorary members with great impact in various fields. One of our major long-term visions is to give an international dimension to our cultural work to reach a larger public and transmit the noble values we attempt to spread through collaborating with distinct organizations.

As the association is located in Tangier, we work on accompanying the Tangier Metropolis project through creating different thematic activities and monuments in commemoration of Ibn Battuta, which will turn the city into a major tourist attraction.

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta pursues a mission for promoting a culture of peace and tolerance and is driven by a vision inspired from the human values exhibited by Ibn Battuta who has demonstrated the real essence of travel which is to learn more about other cultures and share knowledge. He was an adventurous world explorer with a noble mission: spreading a message of peace.

Our Team

Who We Are

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta was founded in June 2015 by tourism professionals and cultural heritage advocates; the association’s mandate is to promote the richness of the Moroccan cultural heritage and its deeply rooted values embodied by Ibn Battuta. It is the only association solely and entirely dedicated to the revival of Ibn Battuat’s memory and the promotion of his cultural legacy and philosophy of peace and tolerance. The foundation of the association is an effort to introduce those who lack knowledge about the character of Ibn Battuta, considered as the greatest travelers of premodern times and one of the most remarkable travelers of all times, to his valuable contribution to paving the way for  the modern age of discovery through travel.  Therefore, in order to immortalize the adventures and ephemeral works of the world traveler, and also to make more information about his life available, an idea of developing a web site fully dedicated to this personality was born. The website first provided access to some of Ibn Battuta’s books, quotes, photos and videos, then, people’s interest in his life began to increase, hence the expansion of the association’s scope to include organizing events and activities promoting the character of Ibn Battuta and his valued accomplishments. Today, the team’s purpose extends beyond the promotion of the Moroccan legacy and character of Ibn Battuta. They have a peace-building mission.


Open on its socio-cultural environment at both national and international levels; the association’s ultimate goal is to make Ibn Battuta’s character and achievements known. Born and buried in Tangier, Ibn Battuta’s considerable contribution to the cultural and ethical Moroccan legacy is recognized all over the world.  He is reckoned as a pioneer of travel literature as he left a trail of writings, reflections and insights depicting his eventful and adventurous journey that serves as a reference guide for modern-day travelers who wish to follow in his footsteps.