Every thing you need to know about the International Festival of Ibn Battuta / onmogul.com

Every thing you need to know about the International Festival of Ibn Battuta / onmogul.com


Everything you need to know about the International Festival of Ibn Battuta

Morocco is a country with rich culture and traditions. The traveling history of Ibn Battuta also starts from a Tangier city of Morocco. An association is founded to promote the legacy of the most famous traveler primarily. This association is organizing a versatile cultural and travel event to celebrate the vibrant culture of Morocco. Ibn Battuta was the pioneers of the travel literature so that no one can forget his work for the world. He contributed a lot to humanity, so this association decided to keep his traditions alive. In doing so, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is organizing the second edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta on November 9, 2017. Here, you will come to know everything about this upcoming versatile event.

Who was Ibn Battuta?

Ibn Battuta was born with a name ofAbu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta. He was a Moroccan traveler and a Muslim scholar who did a lot for humanity. This famous traveler began his journey when he was just 20 years old. His first visit was towards Mecca with the aim of performing Hajj or Pilgrimage. He covered almost every part of the Islamic world. Apart from the Muslim world, he also visited other regions of West Africa, North Africa, Eastern and Southern Europe, etc. When he completed his journey, he returned to Morocco and acknowledged other people about his experience.

Activities in the Festival

TheĀ International Festival of Ibn Battutaincludes various activities such as carnival, art exhibition, travel movies, theatrical plays, music show and what not. A traveler cannot stop himself from watching a street art exhibition with profiles of travelers which is translated into an amazing art. Displaying history on the walls is a unique way of reflecting history. Then the carnival is another expression of culture that encapsulates music, costumes, dance and other performances. Travelers will enjoy the documentary that shows the journey of the most famous traveler and moves the mind from myths or superstitions. This festival has the greatest power of taking the tourists back to the medieval times.

Significance of the festival

This global event helps in keeping the premodern culture alive by attracting people from around the world. Musicians and artists from different countries will participate in presenting their talents and stories. The world-class cultural performances will mesmerize the audience. Tangier is a center of culture and tradition, so this event further glorifies this beautiful city of Morocco. People will get a chance to know the travelers from another corner of the world. It strengthens the understanding between tourists from different nations by promoting cultural exchange through various activities. Through this event, people can have a better knowledge of the cultural diversity present in the world.

Moreover, this festival also contributes to the tourism agency by attracting people from different parts of the world.It further develops the cultural aspect of the Tangier as the tourism spot. This event will ultimately support the tourism, social and economic sector of the country.

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