On the Road to the 2nd Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta / prnesire.com

On the Road to the 2nd Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta / prnesire.com


TANGIER, MoroccoJuly 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Presented by The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta, The 2nd Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta is being set to stage under the theme: Travelers, The Ambassadors of Peace.

2017 edition will get off to a spectacular start in the cultural city of Tangier, Morocco on 9 to 12 November with a lot of amazing activities.

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is an organization that’s exploring not only the history and heritage of the country but the counterculture it represented that continues to affect the way society thinks and lives today.

The Festival made the perceptions of peace, love, hope and sharing the rich cultures of Morocco. It’s no doubt that the country and every city in Morocco continues to magnetize millions of visitors from around the globe who come to applaud the spirit of openness and happiness through the outstanding traits of Ibn Battuta, said Mohamed Dekkak, Honorary President of The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta. “We are encouraging the world to join and discover the wonders, cultures, traditions that were born here thousand years ago. I’m sure they’ll find the city as welcoming as it was. The Festival is inspired by the contemporary arts and emerging culture, to promote peace, unity and to advocate the wider adoption of universal values to be bound together for social progress.”

“The Festival is being organized to reinforce and stimulate the role of travel in expressing peace and to seek inter and counter cultural understanding inspired by the character of Ibn Battuta, his courage, humility and respect to others,” said Abdel Aziz BENAMI President of the association.

In the First Edition, thousands of festivalgoers congregated the City of Tangier into the center of a cultural and traditional phenomenon known as The International Festival of Ibn Battuta. During this transformative time, music, fashion, arts and new ideas flourished to be possible in this year’s edition. The festival will be a celebration of major exhibitions featuring arts, conferences, film screening, extra special events, dance performances, concerts and renditions of music looking and exploring what that period meant then and now. The celebration will also include LIVELY NIGHTS of cocktails and networking, dinner and awarding of partners to celebrate and remember the moment that will remark in the history of Tangier.

The Festival is an opportunity to emerge the Cultural movement that blossomed into the 2nd Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta giving a rise to travel as a language of peace.

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta has launched a special website www.ibnbattuta.ma, which provides an ever-expanding guide including schedule, agenda and important details.

Plans are currently underway ensuring for a variety of events and surprises. Celebrating the rare moment in the history, The City of Tangier is being ready and prepared to be loud for four days of non-stop joy and celebrations.

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