Arab Peace Corps Participation in the International Festival of Ibn Battuta /

Arab Peace Corps Participation in the International Festival of Ibn Battuta /

You do not need to wait for a special reason to celebrate a glorious heritage. You can participate in any festival in any part of the world. International festival is an expressive way to celebrate the traditions, culture, and heritage of a particular region. These festivals are not the only source of amusement for the same country, but people from different parts of the world also get the chance to know a particular culture. They play an important role in connecting one part of the world to the other. It gives you an opportunity to distract from the exhausting routine of life and positively value the life. Initially, festivals were celebrated to pass the knowledge, traditions, and legends from one generation to the next. Every international festival serves the purpose of bringing happiness and peace to our lives and also strengthens your sense of community.  You will find many international festivals in the world, and Ibn Battuta is one of those popular festivals. The Arab Peace Corps Participation in Ibn Battuta Festivalrevealed that every foundation that supports peace in true sense would take part in this amazing festival of the year.


The New Arab Foundation introduced the Arab Peace Corps as a non-profit organization working for people. It is an education and service organization and not associated with any political organization. The focus of this foundation is to educate the society and rebuild the future of the people to meet the challenges of the interesting era. This foundation plays the essential role in promoting intracultural educations within the Arab countries and the other parts of the world.

Apart from education, this organization supports a peaceful society where every person is living a healthy life. This foundation aimed to engage the local communities in every decision. They achieve this goal by working with both local and national organizations. The Arab Peace Corps also works for reducing poverty and unemployment rate by providing the local wealth and employment. For this purpose, they established the international vocational educational institution to help people create important skills required for a particular job. Providing food to every single individual in the community is another important service of the foundation. Promoting sports activities is also important to flourish the society and improve the health of the individuals. The general population can open their creative mind with the reading clubs available in the community. There is much more to the list of the services offered by this organization.

The ultimate focus of this foundation is to promote peace in the community and help people know the outer world. The Arab Peace Corps decided to participate in the International festival Ibn Battuta because they share same goals and that goal is to spread peace and love in the community. When people from the other part of the world will be encouraged to join this event, then they will get to know the culture of Morocco. Ibn Battuta wanted to promote peace through traveling, so this International festival will encourage people for traveling.


The Second Edition of The International Festival of Ibn Battuta is being organized to promote peace, universal values, mutual tolerance and sustainability through traveling. Like every international festival, The International Festival of Ibn Battuta will benefit the society in in so many ways. This is a good opportunity to celebrate the glorious cultures, tradition, and heritage of Morocco and the world. This plays an important role to understand our history, connects us with our roots and backgrounds, and this is an opportunity to pass the legends and knowledge to the younger generations.  Enough reasons for Arab Peace Corps to Participate in The Second Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta, and the rest were noted below:

  • An International Festival gives the younger generation an opportunity of speaking to each other and discovering similarity of their discourse. It will ultimately help the new generation to feel connected to each other despite cultural diversities.
  • The International Festival of Ibn Battuta will highlight the life of Ibn Battuta and the way this great traveler overcome all his hurdles. Every festivalgoer will get to know the best trick to beat those obstacles and move smoothly on a rough track.
  • The story of the Ibn Battuta’s life will lead the people to open their arms to the other individuals at the time of need. In this era, people are less friendly, however, the festival will enlighten everyone on being more approachable and openly extend their helping hands to the needy
  • Famous bands, singers, and artists often participate in the international festival to show their support for spreading peace and love in the community. Through the International festival of Ibn Battuta, people get a chance to meet these celebrities that may never reach your This is an opportunity to meet and greet your favorite artists and performers.
  • The activities prepared by the organizing committee is a chance to meet and be familiar with each nations cultures.
  • The participants get a chance to put their latest research in front of a huge crowd. All the participants can display their talent to diverse audiences and get appreciation in return. This appreciation motivates them to improve his skills and continue his work with more sincerity.

There are different ways to attract people towards peace and love. Organizing international festival is one of the best ways as it attracts every person with its versatile activities. The Arab Peace Corps always worked for spreading positivity. In collaboration with The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta, New Arab Foundation and Arab Peace Corps, proudly support the big preparation and organization of The Second Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta.


Ibn Battuta is the role model for every person who enjoys traveling and loves researching. He was the greatest traveler ever to walk the globe. The birthplace of Ibn Battuta is the northern port of Tangier. He was born in 1304 and shortened his name to Ibn Battuta at an early age of life. He traveled to a different part of the world to submit to curiosity. He set out to complete the traditional pilgrimage of Islam to Mecca and then spent his entire life wandering from one part of the globe to the other. This greatest traveler spent nearly 30 years of his life on the road. He dared to reach even those areas where people could never imagine of visiting. Traveling was tough during that era, but Ibn Battuta crossed every hurdle with courage and bravery.

Ibn Battuta gained lots of knowledge from his visit to the different parts of the world. He was not only a great traveler but also a great researcher and scholar. He was also proficient in botany, Islamic theology, and geography. Ibn Battuta believed in spreading knowledge, so he wrote a book about his journey to make people know the other cultures of the world as well.

Throughout the journey, Ibn Battuta kept on recording the copious observations, lessons, notes, and insights. This famous traveler has one piece of advice for the younger generation. He advised them to travel, explore, write, and the take another route. The life of Ibn Battuta is an inspiration for every writer and traveler. A writer who had misunderstood places can know everything about the different places through the journey of Ibn Battuta.


The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta planned to organize the International Festival of Ibn Battuta with the aim of promoting his legacy. The Association founded in June 2015 by the cultural heritage advocates and some tourism professionals. Before this association, there was no other organization that could promote the legacy of any famous traveler. This association works to promote the culture and tradition of Morocco in a unique way. This incredible festival is planned in the city of Tangier, which is also the birthplace of Ibn Battuta. Ibn Battuta contributes a lot to the humanity, and the association wants people to realize his contributions. The first edition of The International Festival of Ibn Battuta was organized in February and now the Second Edition is taking place on 9th to 12th November. 2017.

Peace is something disappearing from the world and people are getting more aggressive. A person always sees the negative picture of another human being that ultimately leads to cruelty in the world. There is an extreme need of celebrating such festival that can remove this meanness from the world and spread happiness. Organizing such festivals is always a great way of communicating important values like peace, love, happiness, understanding, and friendship. The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta aims to promote Peace through travel despite cultural diversities. Ibn Battuta always talks about promoting peace in the community. The International festival of Ibn Battuta promotes the inclusive and positive image of diversity in the world. It shows the world that it is not necessary to have the same culture to live peacefully. People of different cultural backgrounds can also live a happy and peaceful life. This event inculcates respect for the differences among the communities.

The International Festival of Ibn Battuta not only bring a lot to the participants but it also helps to spread the word against thousands of people enjoying the show from the stands. It let the people exchange information in support of peace among the audiences. The major goal of this festival is to promote peace through travel. Ibn Battuta plays an important role to improve the social life and help people connect with each other. The International Festival of Ibn Battuta has a theme “Travelers: The Ambassadors of Peace”. This theme revealed that this event focuses on spreading peace and love with diverse activities. Ibn Battuta often says that travel is the language of peace so keep spreading positivity in the world. This International Festival honors the incredible character of Ibn Battuta who just aimed to promote peace.


The International festival of Ibn Battuta is a global event that helps in keeping the medieval culture alive. Lots of people are taking an interest in this incredible festival. Performers are gearing up to show their talent in the best possible way. Artists are trying the fullest to show their state-of-art display. Apart from the Moroccan artists, performers from the other part of the world will also join the event. They will mesmerize the audience with their world-class cultural performances. Moroccan is a country having rich traditions, and they feel pride in keeping those traditions alive. This glorifying event will take place in the Tangier city of Morocco, which is the center of tradition and culture.

Combined teamwork, creativity, innovation, talent, and inspiration to come up and assure that the Second Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta will mark the history of Tangier and Morocco and to encourage everyone attending this event could get a chance to know the beautiful culture of Morocco. Participants of this event are practicing their performances for more than a year to make it perfect. People are expecting a lot more from this amazing festival. The activities, which are going to hold in this event, are attracting people from every corner of the globe.

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